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Bakugan Brawlers!

KnightWolf suggested a chatroom, the website will only allow a chat box but hopefully this will work just the same!! Enjoy!

    KnightWolf - Darkus Admin


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    KnightWolf - Darkus Admin

    Post  KnightWolf on Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:24 am

    About me: I am cunning, quick, athletic, a great strategist, and in Bakugan I love to mess with people's minds and make them throw away ability cards. I am also a Cryptid and Supernatural Enthusianst. I know a lot about everything Supernatural and enjoy the unreal. I like to collect BAKUGAN, Bionicles, and coins. I love games, Monsters, creatures, action/adventure, and Sci-Fi. I am a Christian. I have Powers.......
    Favorite Animal: Wolf

    Favorite mythical creature: Dracopyre (for those that have no clue what a Dracopyre is, it is a combo of Werwolf, Vampire, and Dragon.)
    Dracopyre like features:
    Hairy like a Werewolf and have 8 canines.
    Pale and a Shadow like a Vampire.
    Have cracked Scale like Skin like a Dragon and can stand Great Heat
    (that and I can absorb energy)

    You can call me Knight, if you want. I am 16.

    What I'll do as Admin: Help keep peace...; Help with the site, help to bring more member
    For Brawling: I will share strategies if wanted too and give tips.

    Let Those with Honor, Conquer.

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